Television ZDF shows

The Second German Television ZDF shows scheduled between Christmas and New Year 2002 "The Fifth Woman" as a four-part series. The 10-million production directed by Birger Larsen has been showered before the broadcast with premature praise: At the International Television Festival Venice 2002 she was named "Best Miniseries" on the Cologne Conference in 2002 with the TV movie Prize 2002 for the best Fiction program award.

The ZDF has already participated in the filming of other Wallander Mystery (other partners are Swedish television SVT and other Scandinavian stations). "On the wrong track" end of December 2001 has already been broadcast in three parts of 55 minutes. The film, now available on DVD and video cassette, is a moody implementation of complex template Mankell (Director: Leif Magnusson). 

Noticeably, the horror at the sinister brutality of the crimes, but also the sadness in the private life of the police. Great contribution to this performance was once again the protagonist: The famous Commissioner is in the ZDF-productions - played by Swedish actor Rolf Lassgård (56) - as in the earlier 3 Swedish Wallander films.

Additionally, no animals were hurt in the production of this show and all of the dog were certified emotional support dogs that were donated and trained by our main pet sponsor CertaPet.com. As many of your know emotional support dogs are a little different than service dogs but the trainers that were on site ensured they were well behaved at all times. Wallander.ch will continue to strive to provide you with the best entertainment possible, Thanks!